LIVE ONLINE: Gut Sense, The Third Chakra - FULLY BOOKED

We are excited to continue our online offerings with Tias Little of these two special workshops, which can be booked individually or together. Attendance will also count towards the Prajna Yoga SATYA certification requirements.

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Gut Sense, The Third Chakra, Tuesday 2nd June

The gut is the centre of intuition in the body for it has its own ecology known as the gut microbiome. In yoga, the third chakra has always been identified as the source of personal power and drive. In this class, Tias provides overview of the muscles, organs, circulatory channels and nerves within the abdomen. We will attune to movement of peristalsis, the ancient contraction-expansion reflex of smooth muscle in the digestive tract and through breath, movement and visualisation, bring more feeling and perceptual awareness to the gut. In meditation, we reflect on our own personal history, for the gut microbiome is in part conditioned by the personal experiences accumulated over a lifetime.

This is part of a live two workshop series with Tias Little

Freeing the Rib Cage, Thursday 4th June

While classes focus a lot on the hip joints, the hamstrings and shoulders, not enough attention is given to the movement of the ribs. The ribs are integral to the flow of breath and to all movements of the trunk when twisting, side bending, back arching and forward bending. In this course, Tias will detail the dynamic function of the ribs in yogic breathing. We will explore the ribs’ connection to the diaphragm, spine, and sternum. In practice, we pump, twist, expand and contract the musculature that attaches directly to the ribs. By gaining greater sensitivity and kinesthetic awareness for your ribs, you will increase range of motion and deepen your respiratory rhythm. This provides a feeling of lightness and freedom within the “cage” of the ribs.

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Upon completion of this workshop, you will receive a Yogacampus Certificate of Completion.

What our students say

I most loved Tias's humble, honest, wholehearted and non-biased non dogmatic approach. It's been very healing to be taught by someone who teaches from the heart like Tias. A Yogacampus student on Tias Little Teacher Training Intensive, May 2014

Course Information