Teaching Yin Yoga: Minds, Meridians, Moments in Manchester

Yin yoga can give us the space to slow down and to savour the experience of being in posture. This 3-day training will explore the possibilities and examine the potentials of this practice.

Course Information

This three-day, specialist training is taught by Norman Blair, one of the most experienced Yin yoga teachers in the country. He was first introduced to Yin yoga in Manchester in 2001 and has been teaching this style since 2003. Yin yoga is an increasingly popular form of practice. The postures are floor based and are held for several minutes. The keys to practicing are stillness, becoming softer and staying at appropriate edge. We are invited to explore inner landscapes with qualities of self-reflection and acceptance. We attempt to experience these qualities free of judgment or attachment – with equanimity. We learn to pay attention to what is, as it is – with an attitude of kindness.

Participants will learn the main postures of the Yin yoga practice and the principles behind this way of practicing. You will also be shown how to guide a person into postures and will be taught contraindications and you will receive a detailed manual.

The training is open to teachers and teachers in training, as well those with an established understanding and practice of Yin yoga.

What our students say

Norman is very well read, interesting, humorous and calming. Melanie H. on Yin intensive, August 2015

Course Information