Teaching Yoga for ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Manchester

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS aka ‘ME’) is an exhaustive condition known to have stress and its immune effects as key contributing factors. Learn how to teach yoga to those affected by the condition.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS aka ‘ME’) is an exhaustive condition known to have stress and its immune effects as key contributing factors. By understanding its common symptoms and the implications for those it affects in the changes of creating and using energy, you will learn how to help students safely regain strength and find new ways of coping with these symptoms and living life.

As with the previous course on Teaching Yoga for Stress and Burnout, this course will explore how psycho-social stress – the ‘neck-up’, ruminating stress we tend to get stuck in in modern societies – can affect people and how the modern body needs special consideration for the way the average student lives their lives. Stress and trauma will be discussed as key contributing factors to CFS. This course follows on well from the Teaching Yoga for Stress and Burnout one, for a well-rounded and in-depth experiential understanding of how it feels to move and live from an exhausted state. It can also be done without participation of that course as will reiterate points brought forward.

The subjects outlined below will be covered and in-depth notes provided, so that much time can be spent practicing the applications and felt sense of the yoga teaching work. Many aspects will be covered within practice itself, with time allowed for teaching practice, to makes notes and for reflection.


The themes in these days will be woven throughout the entire course, both in discussion and experientially.

  • An overview of definitions, contributing factors and the latest scientific understanding of fatigue conditions
  • Specific physical and emotional considerations for those with CFS and ME conditions; how it feels to for the person with these conditions to move, open and stretch
  • Considerations for the mind-set of those with CFS and Burnout; how habits as samskaras can affect the very practice that could help with observing and unravelling these unhelpful habits. Guidance for teachers on how to direct students in understanding the energetic balance of their yoga practice and their illness. How to manage energy within yoga to learn to increase resilience without relapse
  • The relevance of trauma within fatigue and stress states and how this can manifest in practice and ‘rebound’. How trauma and inflammation create fatigue and chronic pain and how to work with these
  • The recent research and implications of relapse in ME/CFS
  • The need for both restoration and movement and finding the balance within fascia, body fluids and structural needs
  • The effects of trauma (shock and developmental) on the primal body, how this can manifest and how it needs to be approached to prevent relapse
  • The importance of identity – how the teacher can help the student not attach to the identity of suffering in chronic illnesses
  • How it feels to move and experience asana and attention with pain, exhaustion and intense emotional reactions
  • The necessity of compassion (ahimsa and karuna) and deep listening within our practice, our own bodies and our world, to be able to work with people’s needs on an individual level
  • Working with the yamas and the gunas as guides for working with chronically heightened energy and mind-sets
  • Unhelpful samskaras in stress and the modern world; examination of personality types, how this can work against recovery and how yoga can help
  • Teaching language; using mindfulness, creativity and compassion to encourage practice with a soft mind and body – with humour to release and create a positive sensory experience!

Yoga Therapy Diploma Elective Hours
Please note that this workshop counts towards elective hours on the Yoga Therapy Diploma.

VIDEO: Less is More

The following clip is an extract from the teachings on the Teaching Yoga for CFS/ME course.
Drawings are courtesy of Sam from Cartoon Communications. http://www.cartooncommunications.com/
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Download: and read the full version of the comic here!


You have the option to attend this 2 day (14 hour) Specialist Training in Yoga for ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and receive a certificate of attendance (eligible for CPD points) or, complete the follow up to this course, Teaching Yoga for Stress & Burnout to accredit you with a 35 Hour Specialist Training Certificate in Yoga for Stress, Burnout, Me and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In order to qualify, both courses must be attended in full and ensure satisfactory completion of all course work following the training.

Course Work details:
Designing a class plan
Written reflective piece
Due one month after completion of final training weekend

More detailed course work instructions will be included in the booking confirmation email you receive (Joining Instructions).

Teaching Yoga for Stress and Burnout will run in Manchester between Friday 11th and Sunday 13th October 2019. See more details here.

What our students say

Such love and warmth with a real sense of authenticity was offered from both facilitators, which I felt throughout the three day course. Yogacampus student on Teaching Yoga for Stress and Burnout, April 2016

Course Information