Adjusting and Assisting Yoga Asana

On this two-day course we will cover adjustments and assists for a range of asana including standing, seated, finishing and Yin/restorative.

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The emphasis will be on:

  • Gaining confidence in touch
  • Judging where, when and how strong
  • Helping the student find their alignment, their stability and comfort within the pose
  • Making each assist right for different body types
  • How to assist students with hyper-mobility
  • Lots of practice with feedback
  • The ethics behind hands on assists
  • Learning the skills of sensitive adjustments that are appropriate to practitioner

There will be plenty of space for questions, requests and practice.

You will receive a video of the adjustments/assists covered following the training.

Melanie and Norman believe that assists can help students find their safest and most beneficial expression of a pose. Their assists are intelligent, compassionate and informed by over three decades of experience between them.

Melanie started teaching yoga in 1997; Norman has been teaching yoga since 2001. Both have written well-received and popular books – Melanie’s ’Teaching Yoga Adjusting Asana’ (2013) and Norman’s ‘Brightening Our Inner Skies: yin and yoga’ (2016). Both passionately believe in the possibilities of self-transformation that can arise through yoga practise.


You will receive a certificate of attendance

What our students say

Such a wonderful 5 days! Norman and the teachers he has invited to share Yin Yoga, have demystified the practice and shared their knowledge in an easy to understand and approachable way. Ross on Yin Yoga: Minds, Meridians, Moments, March 2017

Course Information