Assists in Yoga Asana

On this three-day course we will cover assists for a range of asana including standing, seated, finishing and Yin/restorative.

Course Information

The emphasis will be on:

  • Gaining confidence in touch
  • Judging where, when and how strong
  • Helping the student find their alignment, their stability and comfort within the pose
  • Making each assist right for different body types
  • How to assist students with hyper-mobility
  • Lots of practice with feedback
  • The ethics behind hands on assists
  • Learning the skills of sensitive assists that are appropriate to practitioner

There will be plenty of space for questions, requests and practice.

You will receive a video of the assists covered following the training.

Melanie and Norman believe that assists can help students find their safest and most beneficial expression of a pose. Their assists are intelligent, compassionate and informed by over three decades of experience between them.

Melanie started teaching yoga in 1997; Norman has been teaching yoga since 2001. Both have written well-received and popular books – Melanie’s ’Teaching Yoga Adjusting Asana’ (2013) and Norman’s ‘Brightening Our Inner Skies: yin and yoga’ (2016). Both passionately believe in the possibilities of self-transformation that can arise through yoga practise.


You will receive a Yogacampus certificate of attendance and can register your hours with Yoga Alliance ORG (USA).

What our students say

[Norman and Melanie] were very positive, inclusive, good at listening and great scope of knowledge. Amelia C. on Adjusting and Assisting Yoga Asana, September 2018


YACEP - Yoga Alliance 2018

Course Information