Building up Trust, Connection and Compassion through AcroYoga

This is a fun and empowering workshop for yoga teachers with Eugene and Pip; the founders of AcroYogaDance. AcroYoga is very much about having fun and remembering what it's like to play and connect, put our trust in others and have them put their trust in us. We'll show you how to overcome any fears and how to help others do the same and we promise you'll leave having done something to amaze yourself that you really didn't think you were capable of.

Course Information

AcroYoga practice is a unique way to build up trust, connection and compassion between individuals working together. In this experiential workshop, Pip and Eugene will share practices of trust, and teach you how to bring elements of AcroYoga into your teaching.

The one-day workshop will cover:

AcroYoga Trust Exercises
Trust Yoga builds community through effective communication, connection and compassion. Learn how to integrate Trust exercises into your classes and workshops through practical exercises, partner and group work.

The Art and Science of Handstand Assists
Just as yoga practitioners benefit from effective teacher assists in their general practise, the benefits of effective handstand assists can be even more empowering. Handstand assists can help a student overcome fears and disorientation as well as preconception and strength challenges. Handstand is also the hardest posture to self observe, as we can’t see our own alignment. We think we can feel it, but when we start practising handstands, what we think we are doing in terms of alignment is often very different to what we are actually doing. Learn more about your own handstand “habits”: whether you are still working up to the pose, using the wall, or coming into it in the middle of the room.

How to teach Handstand to Beginners
You’ll gain clear understanding of when to focus on alignment (including possible flexibility challenges), when to focus on muscular engagement and when to focus on balance. Left to their own devices students usually get these priorities out of sequence resulting in little progress and less than effective habits. After this session you will feel more confident about how to build stable handstand foundations and how to teach your students to spot/assist each other in handstand.

AcroYoga as a Therapy through Massage
AcroYoga is a lot of fun but it’s also an incredibly healing art. Learn how to heal through passive assisted stretches and massage using gravity.

Hand-to-Hand with Eugene
We’ll prove to you that you are capable of more than you realise! You don’t need any experience for this one – just an open mind to try something new.

Course Information