Confident Teaching - Supporting Your Students’ Progression

Part 3 of 4 in the 'Mindful Teaching Series' with Jane and Louise, the purpose of the workshop is to help your students appreciate the level of mindful attention required by you as the teacher, throughout a class, to ensure that their experience is meaningful and fulfilling.

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Topics that will be covered in this workshop:

• How to establish breath led class
• Teaching the range within the target group
• Giving your students confidence through authentic, embodied teaching (the why as well as the how)
• How to observe your students, what to look out for (Release valves,)
• Clear instruction; less is more, responding to what students bring, layering and giving space
• Prioritising appropriate adjustment; when to and when not to (from the spine outwards)
• Finding the pleasant reward of the practice (balancing sthira and sukha)
• Mindfulness – the thread that links all the elements of the practice

What you can expect to benefit from coming to the training:

• Learn how to accommodate the needs of their student and what to prioritise, in the class
• Hone observational skill and a learn range of ways to respond to what they see
• Appreciate the level of mindfulness required to teach with clarity and compassion and work towards cultivating this
• Understand that as yoga teachers we are seen as yoga role models so it is our responsibility to be authentic, to teach what we practice and experience.

The day will start with a breath led, deconstructed asana practice, followed by Q&A. Teaching practice group work will be introduced later in the day and then techniques and skills for being a confident teacher will be discussed.

“Watch your back!” Yoga Campus, The Life Centre North 2018. from Roscoe Rutter on Vimeo.

The video is an extract from the ‘Watch your Back – A Healthy Approach to Teaching Spinal Alignment’ workshop in December 2018 courtesy of Roscoe Rutter Ltd

The Mindful Teaching Series is a set of four 1 day workshops that will cover various topics to improve yoga teaching skills.

15th September 2018 – Essential Breath – Breathing Into Physical and Mental Alignment

15th December 2018 – Watch your Back – A Healthy Approach to Teaching Spinal Alignment

2nd March 2019 – Confident Teaching – Supporting Your Students’ Progression

1st June 2019 – Yogic Heritage – Re-integrating Asana Into Philosophical Context

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What our students say

Jane is amazing. Such an authentic, beautiful person. Her training was a joyful experience. Lucy Crane on Prana in Action: How to Teach an Integrated Breath-led Practice, August 2018

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