[Cultivating Embodied Wisdom] and [Healing the Organic Body]

Yogacampus is excited to welcome back Tias Little for these special one day workshops, which can be attended as drop-in sessions, or to fulfill the Prajna Yoga SATYA certification requirements.

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Cultivating Embodied Wisdom: Friday June 7th [Sold Out]

It is our aim in practice to support the body’s innate intelligence, the physician within. We consider this inherent intelligence to be the greatest of healers. The somatic awareness includes the movement of fascia, neurological function, cellular metabolism and visceral function. Yet how can we support this intelligence so that our bodies are healthy, clear and vital? Through SATYA movements, savasana and insight practices (vipassana) we connect to the inherent potency that sustains all biological activity within. By heightening somatic awareness we are able to listen to the way blood and nerve pulse through the tissues. Practicing SATYA is like having a hundred stethoscopes located throughout your body. This develops greater intimacy and sensitivity for the flow of prana inside.

Healing the Organic Body: Saturday June 8th [Sold Out]

When the organs perform optimally, there is radiant health and sustained energy in the entire body. However many people suffer from stagnation in the viscera due to excess sitting, dietary imbalances and emotional holding. In this immersion we optimize the flow of prana (blood and lymph) through the internal organs. We practice SATYA and yoga postures to help squeeze, wring, cleanse and drain fluids through each organ. When the viscera are alternately compressed, stretched and expanded, their inherent patterns of motion, called motility, are supported. The SATYA movements also serve to help maintain the suppleness and support of the visceral ligaments. Through repeated rocking movements, ligamentous restrictions are alternately loosened and tightened. When the organs are in a balanced state, the metabolic flow is improved and there is vitality in the body.

These workshops can also be booked as standalone days for those interested in studying with Tias.

Please note that this workshop counts towards elective hours on the Yoga Therapy Diploma.


Upon completion of this workshop, you will receive a Yogacampus Certificate of Completion.

If you wish to gain certification from Prajna Yoga as a SATYA teacher, you are required to take the SATYA 2 intensive running 9th to 13th June 2019 and complete additional hours of self-study. You will then have 45 hours of SATYA 2 training.

To become a SATYA teacher, all SATYA courses are required – please see the Prajna Yoga website for further information on the certification process: https://www.prajnayoga.net/yoga-training/satya/

What our students say

Thank you for bringing some luminous teachers to the UK! I loved Tias' broad-minded, non-dogmatic, honest and compassionate teaching. Authenticity of sharing! I enjoyed the full scope of yoga from chanting, philosophy, asana, to living the yogic life and beautiful discussions. Yogacampus student on From The Ground Up Intensive, May 2009

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