Embodying the Flow - Prana Vinyasa and the Art of Namaskar

Learn the Art of teaching Namaskar Sequences as the starting point for teaching vinyasa in a full energetic spectrum.

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All Namaskars within the Prana Vinyasa methodology follow an elemental template of five namaskars for each element, and each namaskar has a corresponding solar-lunar sequence.

The foundational theory of Namaskar offers an intelligent introduction to every solar-lunar sequence to prime the body for the elemental sequences in the following modules of the Foundation series. The state of namaskar is “to bow, to realize the essence,” and in this module we explore Foundational namaskars as the consummate vinyasa to enter the flow.

• Awaken the Art of Namaskar – the roots and evolution of vinyasa as movement meditation
• Practice, learn, and begin to teach Surya and Chandra Namaskar (the Sun and Moon Salutations),
Surya Namaskar A & B
• Experience the first level of 40 Prana Vinyasa Namskars: Rhythmic Vinyasa as well as Dancing Warrior
Namaskars as a foundation for further innovations
• Integrate and understand how to teach the five movements of Prana as a tool for embodying breath,
alignment and flow.
• Learn Five Opening Movement Meditations – Prana Vinyasa Mudra Vinyasas to begin your class with
• Learn the Prana Vinyasa Energetic Alignment Method to embody prana and teach to the life-force
intelligence of integrated energetic (prana) and structural (muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, fascia,
etc.) layers of embodiment
• Hands on assists and alignment for primary asanas that make up Surya and Chandra Namaskar
• Learn the Prana Flow Three-Part Vinyasa Method and Vinyasa Krama to teach to all levels
• Anchor basic elements of Prana Vinyasa cueing (Breath, Body Part, Direction/Anatomical activity,
• Introduction to Prana Vinyasa Wave Sequence

This is a unique opportunity for trainees and teachers new to Vinyasa to connect with the source of Vinyasa methodology and practice, as originally taught by Shiva Rea. Alessandra has been practicing with Shiva for the last 15 years and assisting her for the last five years.

A fully comprehensive manual designed by Shiva Rea for the Samudra School, which includes all the content that is being covered this weekend and corresponding sequences, will be available to purchase for £15. These manuals are not available for purchase anywhere else and are exclusive for this training. Please bring exact change along with you on the first morning if you would like to take a manual home with you.

What our students say

Alessandra kindly offers the opportunity for yoga teachers to attend the Intensive modules, part of the 300hrs Course @ Aditya Yoga School, in their “stand-alone” capacity, which is how I came to attend the Advanced Chakra module. Alessandra’s creative, fluid approach, yet firmly rooted in the long-held traditions and ancient roots of yogic teaching, was so inspiring I now taken the unexpected yet exciting step to fully enrol on the 500hr TT course! I am thrilled to learn more under the compassionate guidance of Alessandra and would unreservedly recommend this course to anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge and spice up their approach to teaching yoga. The Advanced Chakra module offers a very comprehensive guide to the chakras, Alessandra expertly weaves the many aspects/ levels of yoga together so you leave the week long module with a much better integrated approach to your understanding of the chakras. It was an awe-inspiring week and I am still happily marinating! Thank you. Maria B. on Embodying The Flow: Prana Vinyasa Mandala of Asanas, January 2018

Course Information