Essential Breath - Breathing Into Physical and Mental Alignment

Part 1 of 4 in the 'Mindful Teaching Series' with Jane and Louise, the purpose of the workshop is to introduce the students to the centrality of the breath for mindful focus and integrated embodied movement.

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Topics that will be covered in this workshop:

• Abdominal breathing for restoration-theory and practice
• Diaphragmatic breathing for asana – theory and practice
• Mindfulness as the relationship between breath and prana – theory
• Using sound for mindful focus and breath extension – theory and practice
• Using a complete practice to experience the progression from distraction, shallow breath and physical disconnection to inner focus, supportive breathing and embodiment

What you can expect to benefit from coming to the training:

• Understand the functional relationship between the breath and the nervous system
• Experience how diaphragmatic breathing (Ujjayi) keeps the mind focused and supports physical alignment in asana
• Understand the difference between breath and prana and how mindful breathing can influence pranic flow
• Learn how to use sound to enhance the previous point

Over the course of this day, you can expect a combination of theory and practice around abdominal and diaphragm breathing, theory around Mindfulness and the relationship between breath and prana and using sound for mindful focus.

The Mindful Teaching Series is a set of four 1 day workshops that will cover various topics to improve yoga teaching skills.

15th September 2018 – Essential Breath – Breathing Into Physical and Mental Alignment

15th December 2018 – Watch your Back – A Healthy Approach to Teaching Spinal Alignment

2nd March 2019 – Confident Teaching – Supporting Your Students’ Progression

1st June 2019 – Yogic Heritage – Re-integrating Asana Into Philosophical Context

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What our students say

The course was beautifully designed and taught. I have gone away with so much more to give in my personal practice and to my students. Lucy Crane on Prana in Action: How to Teach an Integrated Breath-led Practice, August 2018

Course Information