Inquiry into Breathwork: Techniques, Practice and Application

Senior teacher Laurent Roure has one goal: to provide his students with tools like learning yoga poses mindfully, safely and efficiently, and using pranayama,breathwork,meditation and relaxation techniques to offer clarity. He continually encourages his students to look at and listen to their bodies’ needs and to subsequently become more in touch with their strengths, weaknesses, their breathing and their minds. Come and learn important tools for breathwork and pranayama in this two day comprehensive and immersive workshop. This workshop is aimed at yogis and non-yogis, teachers and interested yoga practitioners as well as mind and body therapists of all levels.

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Breath is the ultimate building block of life. It allows us to speak, laugh and sing. Often it reflects our state of mind. We barely think of it at times and certainly take it for granted, but learning to breathe well promotes health, supports healing and boosts our moods.

Yogic and non-yogic teachers, bodywork and movement instructors, medical researchers, psychologists and other scholars all believe that the breath can act as a bridge between the body and the mind and have a profound effect on both. With ongoing extensive research, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the way we breathe has significant effects on our health and wellbeing.

Most people attending a breathwork or pranayama class or workshop want to learn new techniques to support their health and their wellbeing. More and more, breathwork techniques are recognised as powerful tools to ease health issues and breathlessness caused by stress, anxiety, sleep disorders and apnoea, asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), lung cancer just to name a few.

Jessica Wolf, a leading Alexander Technique teacher from the US writes, “Breathing is indispensable, and it works best when it is effortless. Most of us do not think about the way we breathe. We usually take breathing for granted; we do not realize the harmful effects that faulty breathing can have nor the freedom we can gain by improving how we breathe.”

Before incorporating breathwork into our lives we must learn about the foundations of the practice, so as to properly and mindfully harness its benefits. In order to facilitate this process, Yogalaurent offers a two day comprehensive and immersive workshop in breathwork and pranayama which includes the following components:

● Breathwork and pranayama: definitions and differences.
● Foundation of breathwork: connecting to and knowing the breath.
● Mechanics, rhythms and development of the breath.
● The 8 classical pranayama breathing techniques and non-yogic breathwork.
● The roles and effects on the body and the mind of different breath types.
● Using breathwork for health and breathlessness: assessing and adapting.
● Using breathwork for the mind: relaxation and meditation.
● Designing breathwork sequences for self-practice or group sessions.

Come and learn important tools to use for yourself or to bring to your students and clients. This workshop is aimed at yogis and non-yogis, teachers and interested yoga practitioners as well as mind and body therapists of all levels.

What our students say

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop yesterday – just what I needed before a full week of teaching Dynamic Vinyasa! I think you could tell how much I enjoyed it by my snooze at the end Lucy Roberts on A workshop, July 2019

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