Practical Guide to Teaching Restorative Yoga

Explore the art and science of sequencing a complete restorative yoga practice, and hone your restorative yoga practice and teaching skills.

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Having learnt and experienced the joy and benefits of practising Restorative Yoga, and maybe considering to deepen your understanding, or possibly teach it to others?

So where do we begin? When is a good time to practice? For whom is the practice designed? Which pose comes before or after supported child’s pose? How could the practice be varied? Does verbal guided relaxation help? We could teach Salamba Supta Baddha Konasana with safe alignment instructions and setup, but how do we offer ‘relaxation’? What about emotional and mental relaxation? Seeking answers to these questions and more?

In this workshop, Adelene will share her experience in teaching and sequencing this magical practice of relaxation and rest. The emphasis of this weekend is not on learning more poses, rather we will discuss class management, practically and challenges of teaching Restorative Yoga. Learn the art and science of sequencing a complete Restorative Yoga practice, and hone your skills to teach in a one-to-one or a group setting. There will be two Practical Lab demonstrations and debriefs to support our learning, and lots of opportunity for Q&A.

Adelene has been researching, experimenting and teaching Restorative Yoga to both group and privately since 2005. She now offers a 30 hour Relax and Restore Immersion for in depth study through experiential learning and Practice Labs.

Suitable and open to all who have already explored Restorative Yoga but especially useful for those who wish to teach restorative classes or wish to incorporate restorative yoga into their general classes.


You will receive a Yogacampus certificate of completion upon full attendance of the course.

What our students say

Adelene was knowledgeable, warm, supportive. Great that she could talk from experience of practicing yoga with scoliosis and teaching others with scoliosis. Yogacampus Student on Yoga for Scoliosis Introductory Day, January 2017

Course Information