The Element Earth: Embodying Foundation

All Namaskars within the Prana Vinyasa methodology follow an elemental template of five namaskars for each element, and each namaskar has a corresponding solar-lunar sequence. Deepen your understanding of the second in five life-giving elements with this Earth based module, a part of the 90 Hour Prana Vinyasa Mandala of Asanas Teacher Training.

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Module Two: Embodying Earth – Prana Vinyasa Sequencing, Hands-on Assists and Energetic Alignment for Standing Asanas, Arm Balances, and Hip Openers

As the first “pathway” of the all-level Pathways of Prana Vinyasa system, this foundation earth Prana Vinyasa sequence massages your inner and outer hips, hamstrings, side-waist, shoulder and heart opening through the positive repetition of this three-wave prana vinyasa sequence. In this module, teachers begin to learn the Foundation Earth Prana Vinyasa sequence, centered in the hip-opening family. Through the opening movement meditation, classical and dancing warrior namaskars, core cultivation, prana vinyasa wave sequence, peak asana, and lunar mudrasanas of the bhujapidasana and visvamitrasana sequence, we will slowly and effectively embody the flow of prana connected to hip opening, our relationship to the earth and our instinctual body.

• Learn the solar and lunar Earth foundation sequences for the Visvamitrasana/Bhujapidasana family of asanas and work with the Prana Flow Three-Part Vinyasa Method and Vinyasa Krama to teach to all levels
• Reinforce namaskars from Module One, and practice teaching corresponding namaskars to Earth Sequences: Rhythmic Vinyasa B, Dancing Warrior I
• Continue to integrate and understand the five movements and Prana Vinyasa Mudra Vinyasas
• Teach and assist five primary alignment actions of the core “blueprint” asanas of the mandalas and sequence combinations with skill, effectiveness, fluency, and creativity
• Apply Prana Vinyasa Energetic Alignment Method to embody prana and teach these movements as keys to alignment and flow within the Earth Sequence
• Hands on assists and alignment for the new asanas introduced by the Earth Sequence beyond Namaskar
• Introduction to wave sequencing for the earth sequences for hip opening and a lunar sequence for deep flexibility and regeneration

The above module is the second in a series of 6 which make up the full 90-hour Prana Flow teacher training designed to deepen your learning of the 5 life-giving Elements: SOLAR/LUNAR NAMASKAR (Module 1) EARTH (Module 2), WATER (Module 3), FIRE (Module 4), AIR (Module 5) and SPACE (Module 6). Find out more about the full Embodying The Flow: Prana Vinyasa Mandala of Asanas Teacher Training 90 Hour training course here.

This is a unique opportunity for vinyasa practitioners, trainees, new teachers and experienced teachers to connect with the source of vinyasa methodology and practice, as originally taught by Shiva Rea herself. Alessandra has been practicing with Shiva for the last 15 years and assisting her for the last five years. She is also the Founder and Principal of Aditya Yoga School for Conscious Living, which is affiliated with Samudra School of Yoga, offering 200/500 hour teaching qualifications.

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What our students say

I was fortunate to meet Alessandra just over three years ago after completing my 200-hour teacher training. Alessandra’s devotion to the practice deeply inspired me so I decided to enrol on her 300-hour course in 2014. A few months into the programme, I started experiencing a tremendous shift in my own practice and teaching, feeling more focused and confident. The module subjects are carefully chosen in order to deepen the student’s knowledge, teaching skills and support their own development and creativity. A typical day consists of a long morning practice designed around the theme of the day, meditation, chanting, discussion on the class sequence and teacher’s labs. The group discussions at the end of the day gave us all an opportunity to share our own experiences as teachers, our joys and challenges. This was all done in a truly supportive, honest and nurturing environment. Alessandra is an incredibly gifted teacher with an amazing wealth of knowledge acquired over three decades of dedication to the practice. Her teaching is beautiful, spiritual and powerful, bringing out the best in each of her students. Alessandra is a caring, compassionate and supportive; she encourages her students to be creative with their own practice and teaching. A highly recommended teacher, a highly recommended programme. Youla Faita on Embodying The Flow: Prana Vinyasa Mandala of Asanas, January 2018


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