The Art of Chair-Up™ for Office Workers: An Embodied Approach to Using Chairs

There is a growing awareness about the benefits of yoga within companies. Teaching classes in offices can be quite different from teaching in a yoga studio setting. How can we adapt studio classes to a sedentary population? What tools can we offer office workers to stay embodied throughout their working day? How can we make yoga accessible to all employees and within their own offices? This 1-day workshop with international Rolfing expert Bart Adins shines a light on how to use the Chair-Up™ approach in corporate and office settings.

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Office workers commonly complain about pain caused by sitting, yet few know how to reverse the more physically wearing and damaging effects of the chair. It’s time to reclaim the chair and move away from its limitations. With the right guidance, office workers can re-learn how to not only sit, but also to use the chair as a tool to move and gain body awareness at work.

This 1-day workshop is an introduction to the 50-hr Chair-Up™ Teacher Training offered by Bart. After this training you will be able to integrate chairs into your yoga teaching within a corporate, or office setting. These accessible alternatives were developed to focus on movement quality through the sense of weight and space. This allows a bi-directional orientation where the space within leads to effortless and pain-free movement.

Specifically, you will learn adaptations to seated and standing positions as well as sun salutations. Embodying these adaptations will offer you tools to expand your teaching possibilities and get therapeutic benefits to a larger public. More emphasis will be placed on standing positions than the Saturday training, which is aimed at the elderly.

By weaving the use of the chair into your teaching, you will not only improve how your client moves and their day-to-day posture, but also help improve how they breathe, sit, stand and walk in daily life ultimately decreasing stress levels, enhancing productivity at work and augmenting one’s sense of wellbeing. All of which are very important in an office setting.

You will also practice, explore and take away specific sequences to offer as variations to a traditional yoga practice.

Content covered over the course of the day:

. Embodied anatomy and alignment with emphasis on sitting

. Sun salutations, sitting and standing positions with chairs

. Teaching methodology and considerations for working in an office setting

Bart Adins is a Certified Rolfer™ with the European Rolfing Association and the Founder of Chair-Up™, a movement practice that uses chairs as a transitional tool in order to help discover new movement possibilities and awareness.
He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Ghent University followed by a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology with a specialisation in Mindfulness.

Bart will be running another one day workshop on Saturday 20th October on The Art of Chair Yoga for the Elderly: Applying Somatics from the Ground Up . Click here to find out more details. Book both together and save £20.


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