The Art of Chair Yoga for the Elderly: Applying Somatics from the Ground Up

Would you like to help make a difference in how an elderly or less-abled individual feels about themselves, their body and energy levels? Are you keen to work with this particular population and introduce them to the gift of the chair? Are you ready to see how incorporating chairs into your yoga teaching can open up new teaching opportunities for you? Then this 1-day workshop with international Rolfing expert Bart Adins is for you.

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You may have heard that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. It makes sense, our sedentary lifestyles commonly lead us to physical pain, discomfort and chronic health issues. Chairs don’t have to be harmful though; in fact this training views the chair as a gift in experiencing and increasing awareness.

This 1-day workshop is an introduction to the 50-hr Chair-Up Teacher Training offered by Bart in order to give you some foundational tools on how to translate yoga movement patterns into a seated context for those with physical limitations. After this mini-training you will have the ability to teach basic classes incorporating the chair and help older-age target groups maintain physical independence as well as an increased mental and physical awareness.

Specifically, you will learn how the chair can be used as a multifunctional tool with variety of approaches and uses; a means to adapt postures and sun salutations and help cultivate somatic awareness.

By weaving the use of the chair into your teaching, you will not only improve how your client moves and their day-to-day posture, but also help increase their self-confidence and body awareness. Specifically, Bart will explore ways of finding support in sitting, using the ground (feet, sitting bones) and orienting upward in relation to gravity and space.

You will also practice, explore and take away specific sequences to offer as variations to a traditional yoga practice.

Content covered over the course of the day:

. Embodied anatomy and alignment

. Physiological and mental health considerations for this group including contra-indications and common medical conditions

. Sun salutations, sitting and standing positions with chairs

. Teaching methodology and considerations for working with the elderly/less abled

Bart Adins is a Certified Rolfer™ with the European Rolfing Association and the Founder of Chair-Up™, a movement practice that uses chairs as a transitional tool in order to help discover new movement possibilities and awareness.
He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Ghent University followed by a Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology with a specialisation in Mindfulness.

Bart will be running another one day workshop on Sunday 21st October on The Art of Chair-Up™ for Office Workers: An Embodied Approach to Using Chairs . Click here to find out more details. Book both together and save £20.


You will receive a Certificate of Attendance

Course Information