Thread the Theme - Skills for Inspired Teaching

Using themes skillfully in your classes infuses your teaching with meaning. This is a practical weekend workshop focused on how to incorporate themes in a creative and consistent way.

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Using themes skilfully in your classes infuses your teaching with meaning. It is a way to stay both inspired as a teacher and relevant for your students. It’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘sandwiching’ a theme, in other words only relating to the theme at the start and end of class. In this training we will look at how we can creatively thread the idea through the whole practice. A well crafted theme makes for depth of practice and a full well-rounded experience for your students. It can give them something deeper and more meaningful to take away from the class in terms of how to integrate yoga into their lives off the mat as well as keep you continuously inspired and evolving as a teacher.

The two-day workshop will include some of the following:

  • Choosing relevant themes for your classes
  • How to layer your teaching to create depth of experience
  • How to consistently weave a theme through the whole class
  • Practical teaching tools
  • Group work
  • Group discussion
  • Individual teaching

Students can expect to walk away with:

  • A practical template to map out an integrated theme
  • Skills to integrate a theme into all parts of a class
  • Tools for varied, nuanced and layered teaching
  • Inspiration to find new and engaging themes for classes
  • Inspiration to teach yoga which supports students’ lives off the mat
  • Inspiration to stay authentic, relevant and ignited as a teacher

This workshop will be very experiential and focus on practical application with opportunity for discussion, group work and individual teaching practice including feedback and reflection. We will explore how tools such as energetics and mindful language can help create a theme successfully. The aim is to find ways to weave and integrate themes more fully into class, so that all parts of the practice support the experience and reflect your chosen focus. We will look at how to find themes which are true to who you are and your experience so you stay authentic as a teacher. These skills will enable your teaching to become more layered and nuanced rendering your whole teaching experience more rewarding for both yourself and your students.

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What our students say

I felt the day was very helpful in affirming using themes within a class situation, the day was also very well presented and interactive. It may have been a little scary for some having to teach to a large group of fellow yoga teachers but Tanja and the group made all those attending feel very comfortable, supported and the workshop provided a safe environment for experiential learning. Student on Thread the Theme - Skills for Inspired Teaching, September 2016

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