Watch your Back! How to Keep a Healthy Spine in Asana Practice

At this day long workshop you will learn how to take care of your spinal health in Yoga practice. We will be concentrating on function over form. What does this mean? That the function of the posture for our spinal health will be of primary concern, not how the finished posture looks.

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Each year some 40% of the population is affected by back pain and it costs £5 billion in lost working days and many people with back pain are told by their doctors to take up yoga. Thus it is very important for yoga teachers and yoga therapists, to know and understand enough about back problems to have the confidence to be able to help such students.

Join Jane Craggs as she explores spinal health for yourself and your students.

We will explain the structure of the spinal column and how this impacts on how we should perform certain common asanas in all forms of yoga practice. We will then focus on balancing out the different areas of the spine, looking at postures for strengthening, stabilising, releasing and opening and applying them where appropriate. Jane will also be focusing a great deal on the support of the breath for moving the spine.

We will be very interested in any issues you have in your spine in advance of the workshop so that we can tailor the workshop to the group we have.

This workshop is useful for practitioners and teachers alike and can be applied whatever your preferred form of yoga.

Course Information