Yoga for Sleep Recovery: Conquer Insomnia and Sleep Better

Learn how to get better sleep at night and incorporate energy restoring practices into your day during this unique 2-day workshop.

Course Information

Over the course of the weekend, Super Sleep expert Lisa Sanfilippo will be addressing the following:

  • The 5 Keys to Sleep Recovery: A simple, effective step by step programme that will help you sleep better now and in the future
  • Practice the Simple Sleep Sequence and Deeper Sleep Sequences: Easy to remember yoga you can do at home to help you calm down, feel more grounded, and sleep better
  • Troubleshoot your ‘sleep sabotage’ to re-work your habits and ‘sleep proof’ your day
  • Learn how sleep works: how much you need, why you’re waking up in the middle of the night or finding rest elusive
  • Yoga to ‘mop up’ if you have a bad night’s sleep – so you feel alert and calm during the day
  • Easy breath practices to re-balance your nervous system and get you to sleep

Please bring a notebook and pen with you. Ask questions. Leave with new awareness, strategies and tools.

The sessions combine lecture, experiential learning and yoga practice, and you will be provided with a detailed workbook to take home with you.

A special resource-set will help you to put into practice what you learn and you can receive ongoing support as Lisa offers individual follow up sessions to course participants at a special rate.

Please note that your workshop will also be attended by trainees on Lisa’s Yoga Therapy for Insomnia and Sleep Recovery training with Yogacampus who will be learning how to become Insomnia and Sleep Recovery specialists. You will have the added benefit of receiving assists from the trainees to ensure you get the most out of each pose.


You will receive a certificate of attendance.

What our students say

It’s been amazing. It really works for me – I’m calmer, more relaxed and am worrying a lot less. Mary A. on Super Sleep Yoga, June 2018

Course Information