Yoga Nidra, Neuroscience and the Brain - LIVE STREAM EVENT

This short evening introduction focuses on the effects of nidra on the brain as well as the physiological effects on the rest of the body. The effects will be demonstrated through practical example through exploring brain based nidra’s. These nidras are innovative, powerful and deeply relaxing.

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The evening live stream talk will offer an experiential and information based session for those interested in neuroscience and the power of the practice of Yoga Nidra on influencing patterns and deep wiring in the brain.

Yoga Nidra has proven to be effective to those who suffer from headaches, and this evening may be interesting for those in this group. This evening also serves as a taster for a longer training in the uses of Yoga Nidra for influencing neurological patterning. During the evening there will be an open dialogue and questions on this topic with Nirlipta.

Nirlipta Tuli has been using Yoga Nidra since he first encountered the practice some 25 years ago. He has taught yoga since 1989, and was first trained to teach Yoga Nidra by Swami Pragyamurti on his Bihar School of Yoga training in 1994.

He qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist with the London School for Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2001 and has a very broad range of experience of applied Yoga Nidra.
This ranges from delivering Yoga Nidra to large yoga classes of over 40 people, to working therapeutically with Yoga Nidra in one-to-one situations for many different issues, including healing for severe post-traumatic stress, anxiety, pain management, spiritual growth and all aspects of Yoga Nidra for fertility, pregnancy, birth and birth trauma resolution.

Nirlipta is also a Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, and has an interest in the uses of Nidra for hypnosis

This event will no longer be taking place as a face to face workshop, however we will be live streaming this event via ZOOM.

For those of unfamiliar with Zoom – it’s much like Skype, but better and you can download the Zoom app onto your computer, phone or tablet here:

We will share the link you will need to join the meeting shortly before the streaming begins.

Despite our big offerings, Yogacampus is a small, independently owned Not-for-Profit business and we’re currently trying to navigate the upcoming weeks with compassion and in a mutually supportive way. While we will be working hard to provide free support resources on our social channels where possible, this talk will still be offered as a paid workshop (£25); however, in an interest to support our community and extend the possibility of attending to those who may be impacted during this time, if you sign up before 4pm on Friday 20th, a 50% one-time use discount code will be included in your booking confirmation email that can then be shared with a friend who would like to join at half price.

We appreciate your help us in supporting our staff and teachers as much as possible at the moment.

What our students say

I enjoyed the relaxed approach to discovering and learning more about yoga nidra - knowing that this course is just the beginning and not the end. A Yogacampus student on Learn to Teach Yoga Nidra, November 2014

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