Yoga Teaching Methodology Masterclass

In this one day workshop with Marc Beuvain, you will learn how to create and teach a session tailor-made to the person or group you have in front of you.

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Learn how to sequence a class without pre-planning

In order to create a yoga practice you need to thoroughly understand the logic and principles of sequencing. This one day workshop taught by international teacher Marc Beuvain, you will learn how to acquire the independence and creativity needed to create and teach a session tailor-made to the person or group you have in front of you and to design your own sequences for your personal practice. The teaching will prepare you to teach spontaneously, without needing to plan your classes in advance. You will learn how to design your sequences on the spot, according to the mood and needs of the group or individual you have in front of you, like a master chef whose intimate knowledge of ingredients and sensitive relationship to food, allow him to cook without a recipe book.

In this workshop you will learn:

• The logic and principles of yoga sequencing
• The parameters to take into account when creating a practice
• How to ensure that each yoga practice leads to a more centred state
• The different teaching styles to use based on the individual needs of the students
• How to create and guide a spontaneous practice
• How to adapt a practice – how to simplify or strengthen a session
• How to prepare and compensate for the main exercise to ensure comfort and safety
• Learn to combine postures, breathing exercises and meditation in a single class
• Nyasa, mudra, mantras and bhavanas in physical and breathing practices

What our students say

What I really enjoyed was the development of my intuition in a such a practical way and learning methods to observe both myself and others. Elaine Smith on Yoga Therapy and Self-Knowledge, February 2014

Course Information