Yoga Trance Dance

Originally designed by the iconic Shiva Rea, her senior Prana teacher Delamay Devi will be leading an evening of prana yoga and free-form movement meditation.

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Join Delamay from 19.30 to 21.30 for Shiva Rea’s signature Yoga Trance Dance free-form movement meditation.

A unique exploration of the eternal flow of natural movement and a meeting of two great rivers: yoga and intrinsic dance. Its intention is to bring greater fluidity, breath, range of motion, stamina for life and embodied joy into our being and lives. This liberating and spontaneous music led dance begins with sahaja prana yoga (the experience of prana initiating yoga asana) before flowing into an exploration of free-form, breath driven movement, allowing our bodies to break free of the limited range of motion we subject ourselves to daily. This high-energy movement meditation will help liberate your creative life force by allowing your whole body a chance to express yourself. Join us in relearning the natural freedom of movement and let the creative force move through you!

Delamay will also be co-hosting alongside Maria Garre and Alessandra Pecorella a 5-day intensive from Sunday 3rd to Thursday 7th June 2018 on Embodying Shakti – Healing and Empowering Practices for Women.

What our students say

Amazing! The space to connect with deep layers that will unlock things to take me closer to my teaching truth. Caroline Gamble on Chakra Vinyasa Summer Intensive June 2011, August 2014

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