Yoga as a Somatic Practice

How can somatic practices help us to have a yoga practice that is more in tune with our individual anatomy and way of moving? Join this 1-day workshop with Susanne Lahusen to find out.

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How can somatic practices help us to have a yoga practice that is more in tune with our individual anatomy and way of moving?

Somatic practices give equal value to internal experience and external observation and guidance. Examples are Feldenkrais, the Alexander Technique, Hanna Somatics and Body Mind Centering.

Integration of these and other techniques into yoga classes is becoming more popular. Traditionally, yoga classes give very clear instructions as to what is the correct way to perform an asana. Modifications are permitted as long as they can be seen as either a stepping stone towards an ideal form of an asana, or as a substitute e.g. in case of injury. In any case, they are usually regarded as less advanced and somewhat inferior.

Recent research in fascia and neuroscience has led to doubts about the usefulness of always going into a movement the same way with the same dynamics and from the same angle. Habitual patterns, no matter how helpful they might have been initially, might no longer contribute to healthy fascia and functional and enjoyable movement.

Much of this research has led to a much greater support of somatic approaches in yoga teaching. The challenge is to find an experiential, somatically-influenced approach, whilst not being too open ended to fit into a conventional yoga class structure.

What can you expect

  • Practical somatic exercises that can give us more movement choices
  • Techniques to become aware of habits and holding patterns
  • Breathing practices that can be integrated into everyday life as well as yoga practice
  • Theoretical knowledge about the history of somatics, its key proponents, ideas and practices
  • Examples of recent myofascial and neuroscientific research that support somatic theories, and how these findings can change the way we move, exercise and practice yoga
  • Practical ideas of how we can integrate somatic work into a yoga class without losing structure, clarity and flow whilst encouraging experiential approaches and playfulness

Student in photograph: Julienne Schembri


You will receive a certificate of attendance.

What our students say

The workshop has definitely helped me to consolidate my own experience and build on it to support my own practice and my teaching. Donna on Very Flexible? Hypermobile? Finding the Middle Way, November 2016

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